About Us…

We are a Company in the infrastructure Equipment space since more than 40 years tracing our roots back to 1967.

We work towards analyzing a customer needs and engineering a solution for meeting the needs in a efficient and economical manner.

We modify existing or new standard construction machines likes Cranes, Excavators, Loaders, Dozers among other construction machines to meet the customer demands. By Modifying the machines we help increase the operating envelope for specific customer needs across the globe.

 Often taking used equipment or new equipment like Hydraulic Excavators and addressing needs like Super long Excavation demands, Super deep requirements to working in extremely unconventional working environments where in the complete excavator is required to float to work on water has been our forte.

Addressing needs of Excavation, soil stabilization, plant installation, solar farm deployment has helped metamorphisied our small local company into a full service company with multinational collaborations and tips spanning from USA, Russia UK, Europe, Turkey, Middle Eat, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea and China.

If you have the need we shall endeavor to engineer the solution.

We take pride in Imagineering Infrastructure